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  WHO I AM ?
 Hello my name is Leanita S. Taylor. I've always led a busy and full life.  While working, I raised two children, attended college to earn an A.A. degree Liberal Arts, B.A. degree in Inter-discilplinary Studies, Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and a Masters in Education: Cross-Cultural Education.  My passion has always been working with youth.
First and foremost, I would like to thank God for seeing me through this season, second my family and friends for surrounding me through the cancer storm every step of the way.  In December 2011 as a result of a routine mammogram, I recieved a call to return for a second mammogram and possible sonogram.  I wasn't alarmed, I rountinely had to do a second screening and sonogram.  In my early forties, the doctor detected a few tiny sports, but said," as long as they did not change, all is well.  A few days after the follow up mammogram and sonogram, I received another call stating I needed to return to see the radiologist.
More than the diagnosis of breast cancer, I was disturbed by the lack of compassion or anything beyond clinical jargon used by the medical professionals I encountered on my journey.  I was told in a very jovial way, that I probably HAD 
stage 0 Carcincoma in situ,  it is not really cancer, you need a biopsy, possibly followed by surgery and radiation."  All in one breath.
I left worried and upset! After sharing the news with family and my dearest friend, I decided that I was going to fight cancer.  There was never any doubt for me that cancer would be defeated.  I researched treatments, medicines, surgical procedures, survivor rates and read any literature concerning carcinoma in situ.


Leanita S. Taylor, Founder

 At the onset of my biopsy appointment the nurse informed me of a marker that would be inserted in my breast, "but not to worry, I wouldn't set off any alarms in the airport." she also eluded to the need for surgery and radiation.  Noticing that I wasn't aware of these procedures, she quickly exited the room. The doctor entered, went over the procedures in clinical terms, handed me the consent form, which stated the biopsy would be performed on my LEFT breast.  My RIGHT breast was the biopsy site. He nonchalantly explained it was easy to change paperwork and the facility gave excellent care, that his wife comes there for exams. It was at this point I began wondering how it must feel not to have family or friends support at a critical time such as this, I knew then I wanted to start a foundation to educate and empower women to be advocates for themselves.
It was confirmed, I needed to have surgery (lumpectomy), followed by 6-8 weeks of radiation, and a regiment of seven days a week for 5 years of Tamoxafin, a cancer fighting drug.  After two breast surgeries, 6 weeks of radiation, I am blessed to be here, as a survivor and advocate for breast care awareness.
For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.
                  2 Timothy 1:7
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